Arya B2B Solution for a secure IT Cloud

Arya provides you with the ability to fight fraud before it starts. You can verify and validate any user that comes into your website / application with Arya Restful API. Here is a short list of benefits your organization can leverage by using Arya’s API:

  • Verify users on any channel
  • Authenticate global reach and massive scale of users
  • Reduce fraud at scale
  • Prevent unauthorized users from entering your site/application
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Why choose us

Verify Users

Avoid Fraud

Keep track of login attempts


24/7 Support

Two-Factor Authentication

No Setup Fees

Improved Security

Handset compatibility

Pay As You Go

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Arya Verify

    1. Lookup any mobile number added on your site / application
    2. Avoid fraud, block fake accounts easily
    3. Verify the mobile number is correct or not
Your cost: starts at 0.05 EUR cents per verification

Arya Valiadate

    1. Secured two factor authentication
    2. Increase customer satisfaction / acquisition
    3. Reduce risk of fraud, hack or attack
    4. AryaVerify included
Your cost: starts at 0.1 EUR cents per validation

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