About Us

AryaMG is a business to business driven, enterprise focused IT solution specializing in the question organizations deal with on a day by day basis - how tio make sure it stays fully secure. We support a multitude of languages and geographic locations to allow global clients to engage with their business, in a useful, simple manner.

There is a complex yet easy to use API behind the AryaMG concept, which allows organizations to connect through and get a chance to simply validate and authenticate their end users.

We take care of evaluating your business, IT, security requirements, providing you ONE API and giving you a 24/7 full board service to ensure both your organization and the customers of your organization are safe and sound.

Users register or perform login via your app or web site, providing a phone number;

Your application makes an API call to our request handler, checking the phone number

AryaVerify creates a pin code and sends an SMS message to your client

Your client enters pin code to your application

Your application makes an API call to AryaVerify with the pin code entered by your client

AryaVerify approves pin code and sends back authentication token to your application

Your application takes control and opens access to your user


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