SECURE end-to-end API

One API, verifying and validating your users, fighting fraud and keeping your environment safe

Use AryaVerify and AryaValidate intuitive B2B API in order to verify and validate your clients easily and efficiently across the globe. Our solution allows you to fight fraudsters, hackers and troublemakers, so that they do not interfere with your day to day, allowing your organization to flourish without headaches or unnecessary overheads, at a cost effective pay as you go price.


Our API is simple and comes with great support. It is a cross platform API across your websites / portals / applications / landing pages and more. One API allowing you to manage and secure your database of valuable clients with as much as four server calls.


You do not want hackers, internet cowboys or fraudsters hacking into your system. Our two factor authentication ensures verification and authentication of the clients that come into your portal, application, website, landing page, etc. Turn on the API with as much security as it meets the requirements of your organization.


Arya API means the security of your organization runs cross compatible across devices, browsers, websites, SDKs, etc. There is no need for chances or modifications. One API, and FOUR server calls do it all for you.


Your organization’s network can be old or new, complex or easy. Our API comes in a variety of coding languages, such as cURL, NodeJS, Python, etc. You needn’t worry about rough implementation or issues running AryaVerify and / or Validate.


You have our support 24/7 in case it is needed. We will make sure to answer your questions clearly and to the point within the same session which it has been received. Wherever you go as a client, we are with you.


Benefit from our secure IT solution for your business

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